What is Spectra™?

Designed and developed by Vorum; Spectra™ is the newest handheld scanner from industry experts in CAD/CAM. Spectra is the result of more than 25 years of innovation, experience and customer feedback. The lightweight, ergonomic, compact design gives you a versatile mobile scanning solution. Simply plug into your laptop or desktop computer, and you are ready to scan.

Spectra™ is a non-contact, optical measuring device. As you are scanning, Spectra™ transfers measurement data to your computer and displays 3-dimensional patient shape data on your screen in real-time.

Spectra™ uses a high quality LED projector and single camera to capture the 3D image. Our scanning software gives you immediate feedback, is unaffected by metal, provides a simple user interface that lets you move and rotate the image, restart a scan from anywhere on the shape and much more!


Spectra™ includes a scanner and carrying case.

Combine Vorum’s Spectra™ with Vorum's Canfit™ Design Software and you have the ultimate portable CAD solution. Scan and modify anywhere. Quickly make your modifications and visually show your patient the clinical adjustments in real time.

What else do I need to get started?


Dimensions - 215 x 190 x 55 mm
Weight - 1.2 kg
Design - Ergonomic design for comfort of both clinician and patient during scanning
Usability - Built-in feedback to display optimal scan distance
User-Interface - Real-time notifications during scanning to ensure shape scanning is completed
Ability to Capture Texture - Yes
Calibration - Factory-Calibrated
Light Source - LED projector (no laser)
Working Distance - 0.25 - 0.6 m
Video Frame Rate - Up to 15 frames per second (fps)
Multi-Core Processing - Yes
Power Consumption - Single cable from the computer supplies power
Interface - 1 x IEEE 1394b (9 Pin) Vorum Supplied

Minimum Computer Requirements
Operating System - Windows 7 64-bit Professional
Processor - Intel Core i7 3rd Gen or newer
Video - nVidia Mobile GeForce (Laptop) | nVidia Quadro Graphics Card (Desktop)
Expansion - ExpressCard/34/54 Slot (Laptop) | PCIe Card Slot (Desktop)
* Client to specify what they will use at time of order
Memory - 8 GB RAM (or greater)
Hard Disk Space - 500 Gb HDD (or greater)
Display - 1920x1080 Resolution
Peripherals - Mouse
Audio - Sound Card and Speakers

Set Up

Spectra™ can be used in a small work space. You do need a computer with the appropriate technical specifications.

How does Spectra™ work?

  1. Plug the scanner into your computer and open the Spectra™ software.
  2. Use the scanner to scan your patient in a frame overlapping fashion.

The scanner projects a grid of light onto the patient. Measurement data is automatically transmitted to the software program. The program allows you to accurately place as many landmarks you require and scanned measurements are saved instantly and digitally.

After you have completed your scan, your scanned patient image is displayed on your computer screen. Data from Spectra™ can then be modified on the computer using the Canfit™ P&O Design software, other CAD applications or sent directly to a central fabricator for modification and fabrication.

For those clients who need the flexibility, a utility is available to convert Spectra™ surface data into other file formats (such as STL) for input to third party CAD programs.

What are the advantages of Spectra™?

  • Fast - Measure 3-dimensional anatomical surfaces quickly and accurately
  • Accurate - Accurate measurement data. Get consistent, reproducible results.
  • Non-Contact - Scans can be obtained without touching the patient.
  • Portable - Compact and lightweight; fits into shoulder carrying case for the practitioner on-the-go.
  • Immune to Metal - Able to scan patients in a bed or wheelchair
  • Plug & Go - Powers itself from the computer. No external power supply needed.
  • Flexible Geometry - Capable of scanning both simple and complex shapes; ideal for all prosthetics and orthotics applications.