Vorum's CAD/CAM system for P&O allows you to increase your efficiency across the entire manufacturing process. Vorum's Canfit™ Design Software enables you to optimize your design within each clinical application - spinal orthoses, AFOs, KAFOs, knee braces, prosthetic sockets, seats, standing shells, and mattresses. Vorum's scanning and carving solutions further enhance production by speeding up both the measurement and manufacturing processes.

The left-hand menu on the P&O main page is divided into five categories: Design, Scanners, Manufacture, Central Fabrication, and Frequently Asked Questions.

  • DESIGN: describes all of the Canfit™ software applications; these applications allow you to create prosthetics and orthotics from measurements or scans.

  • SCANNERS: explains the P&O optical laser digitizers for scanning patients directly or indirectly.

  • MANUFACTURE: includes the carvers and the carving software needed to convert your design file to a form readable by the carver.

  • CENTRAL FABRICATION: If you are not ready to invest in Vorum's complete CAD/CAM system, our Pay-Per-Use system could be a good match for you.

  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions about our P&O system.

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